About Xiaowen Xu

Welcome to my comm world!

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Communication from University of Connecticut (UConn). I gained my M.A. in Communication from Michigan State University, and M.A. in East Asian Regional Studies from Columbia University. My undergraduate degree is B.A. in Journalism at Tsinghua University (China).

My research interest involves examining users’ motivation and perceptions through the adoption of new media and processing of persuasive messages, primarily using quantitative methods. I have been working on media effects projects regarding cognitive, emotional and behavioral responses in consumer and health behavior contexts. My works have been published in Internet Research, American Behavioral Scientist and other journal outlets, and presented at national and international conferences.

My recent research, including my dissertation, centers on innovative advertising forms in various online platforms, especially in-feed or native advertising on social media and websites. The goal of my research is to examine the cognitive and emotional processing on these ads, within the fluid flow of consumer interface with the information architecture.

I teach several undergraduate-level courses– Introductory Communication Theory and Research Methods– and will be teaching Mass Media Effects. I have also worked as a TA for Quantitative Research Methods at graduate level.

I have had international internship experiences in Xinhua News Agency (Online Portal), a newspaper and TV network before, as well as in advertising industry. I worked as a special correspondent for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and interviewed athletes, sports team leaders and volunteers for a state-wide newspaper in China.

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