My research interest is media psychology, new communication technology, advertising/social marketing. I am interested in studying how mass media and new media technology influence consumer, health and pro-environmental motivation, attitudes and behaviors.

Current Projects:

  • Consumer motivations, attitudes and perceptions toward newsfeed advertising in social media
  • Brand trust and media credibility on behavioral ads on Facebook

Refereed Journal Articles

Park, S., Xu, X., Rourke, B., & Bellur, S. (2019). Do you enjoy TV, while Tweeting? Effects of multitasking on viewer’s transportation, emotions and enjoyment. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 63(2). 231-249.

Xu, X. & Lin, C. A. (2018). Effects of Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Factors on College Students’ Bottled Water Purchase Intentions. Communication Research Reports, 35(3), 245-255.

Lin, C. A., & Xu, X. (2017). Effectiveness of online consumer reviews: The influence of valence, reviewer ethnicity, social distance and source trustworthiness, Internet Research, 27(2), 362 -380.

Radin, M., Wu, T. Y., Xu, X., Rainear, A. M, & Atkin, D. J. (2017). The Impact of Environmental Attitudes and Waste Signage on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors About Recycling. Journal of Communication and Media Research, 9(2), 29-44.

Xu, X., Zhu, X., & Bresnahan, M. (2016). Fighting Back: Inner-City Community Responses to Food Insecurity. American Behavioral Scientist, 1(16), 1306-1321. [Issue won the outstanding faculty publication award of Michigan State University Director of Libraries].

Zheng, P., & Xu, X. (2011). Cultural identity and acculturation strategies of mainland students in Hong Kong: A case study of mainland students in Hong Kong University (in Chinese). Youth Exploration, 5, 29-34.

Book Chapter

Lin, C.A., Park, S., & Xu, X. (forthcoming). K-pop as a case of inter-group similarity and acceptance in cross-cultural communication. In D. Kim (Ed.), The Korean wave: Diffusion of Korean pop culture in Western countries. Seoul: Seoul, Korea: National University Press.

Manuscripts Under Review

Xu, X., Wu, T., & Atkin, D. (under review). “Who is Watching Me?” – Effects of Perceived Agency of Tracking, Brand Trust and Website Credibility on Privacy Concerns toward Online Behavioral Advertising. Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising.

Xu, X. & Lin, C. A. (under review). Explore the Effects of Newsfeed Advertising on Consumer Decision-Making via Technology Fluidity, Flow and Social Media Gratifications. Interactive Journal of Advertising.

Wu, T., Xu, X., & Atkin, D. (2nd revision & resubmission). The Alternatives to Being Silent: Exploring Opinion Expression Avoidance Strategies for Discussing Politics on Facebook. Internet Research.

Lin, C. A., Xu, X., Dam, L. (2nd revision & resubmission). Information Source Dependence, Presumed Media Influence, Risk Knowledge and Vaccination Intention. Atlantic Journal of Communication.

Lin, C. A., Young, A., & Xu, X. (under review). Developing Social Media Literacy as A Communication Strategy for Averting Relational Aggression via Cyberbullying. Annals of the International Communication Association.

Lin, C.A., Park, S., Xu, X., & Lee, Y. (under review). Transcultural Communication Networking via K-Pop: When Cultural-Linguistic Barrier Matters Not. Mass Communication and Society.

Correspondence Journal Articles

Zheng, P., & Xu, X. (2009). Grass-root oriented, but elites controlled: Reflection on citizen journalism blog (in Chinese). Youth Journalist, 21, 92.

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