My research interest is media psychology, new communication technology, advertising/social marketing. I am interested in studying how mass media and new media technology influence consumer, health and pro-environmental motivation, attitudes and behaviors.

Current Projects:

  • Consumer motivations, attitudes and perceptions toward newsfeed advertising in social media
  • Brand trust and media credibility on behavioral ads on Facebook

Refereed Journal Articles

Lin, C. A., Xu, X., Dam, L. (published online). Information Source Dependence, Presumed Media Influence, Risk Knowledge and Vaccination Intention. Atlantic Journal of Communication.

Park, S., Xu, X., Rourke, B., & Bellur, S. (2019). Do you enjoy TV, while Tweeting? Effects of multitasking on viewer’s transportation, emotions and enjoyment. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 63(2). 231-249.

Xu, X. & Lin, C. A. (2018). Effects of Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Factors on College Students’ Bottled Water Purchase Intentions. Communication Research Reports, 35(3), 245-255.

Lin, C. A., & Xu, X. (2017). Effectiveness of online consumer reviews: The influence of valence, reviewer ethnicity, social distance and source trustworthiness, Internet Research, 27(2), 362 -380.

Radin, M., Wu, T. Y., Xu, X., Rainear, A. M, & Atkin, D. J. (2017). The Impact of Environmental Attitudes and Waste Signage on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors About Recycling. Journal of Communication and Media Research, 9(2), 29-44.

Xu, X., Zhu, X., & Bresnahan, M. (2016). Fighting Back: Inner-City Community Responses to Food Insecurity. American Behavioral Scientist, 1(16), 1306-1321. [Issue won the outstanding faculty publication award of Michigan State University Director of Libraries].

Zheng, P., & Xu, X. (2011). Cultural identity and acculturation strategies of mainland students in Hong Kong: A case study of mainland students in Hong Kong University (in Chinese). Youth Exploration, 5, 29-34.

Book Chapter

Lin, C.A., Park, S., & Xu, X. (forthcoming). K-pop as a case of inter-group similarity and acceptance in cross-cultural communication. In D. Kim (Ed.), The Korean wave: Diffusion of Korean pop culture in Western countries. Seoul: Seoul, Korea: National University Press.

Manuscripts Under Review

Xu, X., Wu, T., & Atkin, D. (under review). “Who is Watching Me?” – Effects of Perceived Agency of Tracking, Brand Trust and Website Credibility on Privacy Concerns toward Online Behavioral Advertising. Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising.

Xu, X. & Lin, C. A. (under review). Explore the Effects of Newsfeed Advertising on Consumer Decision-Making via Technology Fluidity, Flow and Social Media Gratifications. Interactive Journal of Advertising.

Wu, T., Xu, X., & Atkin, D. (2nd revision & resubmission). The Alternatives to Being Silent: Exploring Opinion Expression Avoidance Strategies for Discussing Politics on Facebook. Internet Research.

Lin, C. A., Young, A., & Xu, X. (under review). Developing Social Media Literacy as A Communication Strategy for Averting Relational Aggression via Cyberbullying. Annals of the International Communication Association.

Lin, C.A., Park, S., Xu, X., & Lee, Y. (under review). Transcultural Communication Networking via K-Pop: When Cultural-Linguistic Barrier Matters Not. Mass Communication and Society.

Correspondence Journal Articles

Zheng, P., & Xu, X. (2009). Grass-root oriented, but elites controlled: Reflection on citizen journalism blog (in Chinese). Youth Journalist, 21, 92.

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