I am a Peking Opera actress, which is a traditional performing art form in China. I started performing Peking Opera since college and won first prize at the National College Opera Workshop & Competition in China in 2009.

I’ve been a member and volunteer of Chinese Opera Society — a cultural NGO in New York City– for over six years and frequently perform and hold workshops to serve local communities in New York. I help develop advertising and marketing materials for performances and cultural workshops and assist event-planning. This is a valuable opportunity for me to put intercultural communication in practice.


Performing He Zhu in the play He Zhupei, stage-side profile (2019)

Performing Wang Baochuan in the classical play Wu Jia Po (2017)
Teaching High School Students Peking Opera in upper state New York (2015)
Me during make-up (2017)


Me during make-up (2019)

Check out our Youtube channel for dazzling shows and performances!

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