My recent pub: Live-Tweeting may hack user experience

Time for broadcasters to rethink of embedding real-time social media interactions in live events. Our recent publication on media multitasking was covered by several major media: Hartford Courant, Chicago Tribune, Independent (UK), Washington Times, and UConn Today, etc.

It’s harder to enjoy a TV show while tweeting about it, UConn study says ( Hartford Courant)

Tweeting While Watching TV Diminishes Enjoyment (UConn Today)

It’s harder to enjoy a TV show while tweeting about it, study says ( Chicago Tribune)


Study: It’s harder to enjoy a TV show while tweeting about it (Sun Port Charlotte)

Want to enjoy TV? Then don’t live-tweet the shows, study warns ( Washington Times)

Tweeting while watching TV makes show less enjoyable, study finds (Today)

In the study, we separated college students into two groups. One group watched the television show “Friends” while tweeting. They were asked to send at least five tweets about the show to a fan page during the half-hour broadcast. The other group watched the same show without tweeting.

Compared to the first group doing media multitasking, the second group of participants were more likely to experience immersion into the content and narrative of the show and, in turn, more intensified emotions and enjoyment of show.

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